Kidzu is proud to introduce you to Zu. Zu is a traveling shell that will be roaming from coast to coast on their travels. Zu will update us on where they are at on their journey with fun and exciting pictures! Stay tuned for more exciting Zu updates. If you would like to leave a message for Zu, post in the comments below!


Zu made it to the Pacific Ocean! Zu is spending some time relaxing on Venice beach with friends while watching the surfers head out for a fun day of catching some waves!


Zu at the Grand Canyon! Zu is amazed by the layers of rock on the canyon walls caused mainly by erosion over hundreds of years. The colors in the picturesque landscape are hard to believe until you see them with your own eyes!


Zu made it to the petrified forest and the painted desert in Arizona! Zu loves looking out at the open spaces and the big blue skies!


Zu arrived yesterday at Summer Lake in New Mexico! We drove through lots and lots of mills in western Texas too. 


More Texas fun! Zu has made it all the way to Texas!



The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!


Zu’s first stop was the mountains. Zu loves to breathe in the fresh mountain air!


Zu is relaxing in their home. Last night before the traveling begins!