Come into the Makery and have your photo taken to become part of #makerymoments

We explored Karen culture, language, and design at our Mix it Up in the Makery with Chapel Hill artist Sandy Milroy and the Karen Youth Artists. We designed colorful weavings using a loom, learned how to write phrases in Karen,  and created cards decorated with patterns found in native Karen traditional clothing. In addition to the creative and engaging loom activities we also challenged ourselves with the Karen memory game by trying to find matching pictures of fruits and vegetables that are grown on traditional Karen farms.

These projects are some of the best projects we have seen in the Makery. Come to the Makery and make your next invention. You could be featured in the Makery Projects Hall of Fame!

The Makery has bins and buckets full of recycled materials that can be transformed into any invention you can think of. Come to the Makery and look through the Scrapyard to spark your imagination! You can create anything you can imagine. Once you have finished your creation make sure you ask one of the Makery fellows to photograph it so you can be featured on the blog! We are so excited to see what you can make and we can't wait to see your inventions!

Come explore the messier side of art each morning in the Makery! Messy Mornings are an opportunity for young visitors to throw on a smock and let their creativity run free! All ages welcome.

Ever wonder how famous artists create their work? Makery Masterpieces explains the art making process of such artists as Monet, Pollock, and Smithson, and invites young visitors to create their won masterpiece inspired by the artists of the day! All ages welcome!

Join us each month; when local artists, scientists, and makers bring their special expertise to The Makery

Get STEAM'D UP as we invite makers of all ages to this afternoon event. Embrace your artistic creativity while also engaging in educational activities inspired by Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. All ages welcome!

During Pollinator week we learned about the importance of pollinators and how we can keep them safe in our community!