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Scrunch Mountains

Summer travel for many means a trip to the beautiful North Carolina mountains. Take a trip and create unique mountain scenes with this "scrunch paint" technique. Use this method in future projects and in any creative way you please.

Scrunch Mountains

Materials Needed: 

White Card Stock

Watercolor Paint... Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue, etc.

Construction Paper

Newspaper or Plastic Wrap




Use the watercolor to paint a beautiful sunset on the entirety of the card stock. While the paint is still wet, take a crumpled piece of newspaper or plastic wrap and "scrunch" the paint with it by rubbing, tapping, or swiping the card stock. This allows the colors to blend together. Then, while the paint dries, use the construction paper and scissors to cut some triangles, semicircles, and other mountain-like shapes. Glue your mountains so that the base of the card stock aligns with the base of the mountains. Allow time for glue and paint to dry.