A to Z Adventures at Kidzu

Spend this new year exploring everything Kidzu has to offer! There's a whole alphabet of fun! 

  • Ask a Makery fellow about all the unique projects you could do.
  • Break down old cardboard boxes and create your own masterpiece in the Makery.
  • Climb up Kidzu’s rock wall and ring the bell.
  • Dine with friends at the Millhouse Kitchen.
  • Explore the Tree House.
  • Find the hidden hedgehogs in the Discovery Den.
  • Greet your new friends with a funny joke!
  • Help a younger visitor read a book in the Book Nook.
  • Ignite a fire in the Campfire Tent.
  • Join Christy in the Forest Theater for Story time.
  • Karate chop your way into Mix It Up with local artists and scientists.
  • Learn to paint like the greats at Makery Masterpieces.
  • Make a mess at Messy Morning in the Makery!
  • Notice the small frogs hidden throughout the museum. See if you can find them all.
  • Open your ears and learn to play classic tunes at Music Makers!
  • Pay what you can on Pay What You Can Sundays!
  • Quietly read every book in the Book Nook.
  • Raise up your arms and ask all your questions in the Makery.
  • Stir up your creativity at Kids in the Kitchen or Market to Market.
  • Try your hand at Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, and Design with STEAM’D UP programs.
  • Use the Community Courtyard to share a lunch or snack with friends and family.
  • Vote in Kidzu’s voting booth. Every voice matters!
  • Wake up early and come to Members Morning!
  • Xylophone and guitars galore when Fam Jam hits the floor!
  • Yell from the top of the treehouse how much you love Kidzu!
  • Zoom around the outdoor learning garden, just like a bee!
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Thanks for the memories!

Thank you for following! We love all the support that we get from our community, and we could not do it without you. If you have fun Kidzu memories, please let us know. Here are some of our favorite Kidzu memories.

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