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The Makery@Kidzu is Chapel Hill's makerspace for kids of all ages, as part of the Maker Education Initiative.  Hands-on activities encourage visitors to experiment, ask questions, and discover new challenges. 

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Happy August!

As school approaches, take a look at this article to help your kids prepare for the best year ever!


This article by the National education Association answers important questions about school readiness and gives multiple tips on how to prepare your child and improve their communication skills, academic skills, social skills, and independence. Ease both you and your child into the school year with the help of this article!



Thank you for your interest in donating items to our Makery! All donated items should be clean and safe for children to use (no sharp edges or hazardous substances). If the items have been in storage, please sort through them to make sure they are still in good condition.

Here is a wish-list of items that we use routinely:

cereal box.jpg

Reusable items

* Bottle caps, corks

* Cardboard tubes (i.e, toilet paper / paper towel rolls)

* Cereal boxes

* Egg cartons

* Plastic water bottles (clean and empty)


Arts & crafts supplies

* Beads

* Blank canvases

* Craft paint (washable tempera, acrylic, fabric paint, fabric dye)

* Drawing tools (pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, erasers)

* Felt

* Foam (craft foam sheets, block-sized pieces of packing foam)

* Glue (Elmer’s glue, glue sticks, glue dots, mod podge, hot glue guns and sticks)

* Ink pads, stamps

* Paint brushes and palettes

* Paper (printer, construction, scrapbook, tissue, cardstock, poster board, wrapping)

* Pipe cleaners

* Pom-poms, cotton balls, q-tips

* Ribbons, yarn, string, wire

* Sewing supplies (needles, thread, buttons)

* Tape (masking, scotch, duct, washi)

* Wood (preferably pine or softer woods for hammering)

legos dude.jpg

Household items

* Building toys (LEGOs)

* Clothespins

* Golf tees

* Rubber bands

* Toothpicks

* Toys with electronic / moveable parts (in working order)

If you have items that you think we can use that do not appear on this list, please email the Makery Manager, Jarrett Grimm, at grimm@kidzuchildrensmuseum.org with a photo of the materials you would like to donate so that we can determine if we can use them. Thank you!

Maker Spotlight

Barbara Tyroler | Chapel Hill, NC

Learn about the power of photography through the art of local artist Barbara Tyroler.


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You found a bee! Whoopee! There is one more bee for you to see! Hint: The other bee completed challenges in the Makery and became a Mini _______. 

You found a bee! Whoopee! There is one more bee for you to see! Hint: The other bee completed challenges in the Makery and became a Mini _______.